Photo: Nicole Kraß smiles at the camera; Copyright: N. Kraß

N. Kraß

Nicole Kraß – That's how she rolls


Nicole Kraß loves diving. Even her diagnosis of multiple sclerosis did not change that. With her website "Tauchen mit Handicap" (Diving with a handicap), the self-employed journalist now stands up for all people who want to follow the same passion – despite physical limitations. Which fictional character we should all take as an example and how she rolls otherwise, she tells us on
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Photo: Maik Birko sits in the forest under a yellow tarp; Copyright: Private


Maik Birko – That's how he rolls


Life as a great adventure – Maik Birko is living this dream. The 41-year-old is currently preparing for a trip to Norway. But the path to a self-determined, cosmopolitan life was not easy for the Hamburg resident. Which challenges he had to face, who he is particularly grateful to and how he rolls otherwise, he tells us on
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Photo: Sima Surkamp smiles at the camera; Copyright: Fotograf Groos

Fotograf Groos

Sima Surkamp – That's how she rolls


The German Social Code – for most non-lawyers a jungle of paragraphs. Sima Surkamp helps people with disabilities find their way through this jungle and become aware of their legal rights with regard to assistance services. How she wants to promote self-determination and social participation and how she rolls otherwise, she tells us on
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Photo: Young man in a cosy armchair with his dog on his lap. He is wearing a prosthetic leg.; Copyright: PantherMedia/DGLimages


Prosthetic care takes comprehensive support and perseverance


Adjusting to life after amputation can be challenging – both physically and mentally. Amputees need a lot of endurance and discipline before a prosthesis can fully replace a missing body part. Find out at what is important when it comes to prosthesis fitting and discover where amputees can turn to for support.
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