Overview: REHACARE 2015

Photo: Preview picture video Munich Projects

Accessible holiday – Interview with Munich Projects


Mobility and accessibility are very important for people with disability and senior citizens – not only in everyday life, but also on vacation. At REHACARE 2015, we are talking to Mr. Kirsch and Mr. Yalçın from the Munich ProjectsGmbH about vacation in Turkey.
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Photo: Preview picture video Desino

Hybrids on the roll - Interview with Desino GmbH


A suitable wheelchair is very important especially for active people. Who wants to drive longer distances may benefit from a so called hybrid wheelchair. Two levers can be operated in order to get enough momentum for difficult routes. The Cologne-based company Desino GmbH has brought their model to REHACARE 2015.
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Photo: Preview

Helping children to move - Interview with Volaris Deutschland GmbH


Mobility and freedom of movement are very important for children. At REHACARE 2015, we ask Mr Schmitz from the Volaris Deutschland GmbH what is important for mobility aids for children.
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Photo: Preview picture video dot

Braille mobile – Interview with dot Inc.


The young company dot Inc. presents a wearable device for visually impaired people at REHACARE 2015 that helps to make Braille accessible.
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Photo: Catharina Borgenstierna

Eating assistive device – Interview Bestic AB


To eat without help means freedom for many people. Now people with a severely limited mobility of the hands can have this freedom again. Bestic, a company from Sweden, offers a device that helps people to eat. We talked to Catharina Borgenstierna how the small device is operated and for whom it is suitable.
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