A different perspective on accessible construction

Is the access ramp too steep? Do two centimeters really make a difference when it comes to a threshold? Architects and city planners are always confronted with these types of questions. If they don’t have any impairments themselves, they tend to quickly render the wrong verdict. This is why construction decision makers, who can assess barriers based on their own experience, are in great demand.


Photo: Accessible shower

Accessible showers are more and more becoming a norm; © Dirk Michalski

Accessibility is undergoing change

Photo: Dirk Michalski and Barbara Sima-Ruml

Dirk Michalski and Barbara Sima-Ruml are not only experts on accessible construction. Both also use a wheelchair; © Dirk Michalski/privat

Changing perspectives

Photo: Subway station orientation system for blind people

Accessibility does not only mean accessible for wheelchairs, but also includes an orientation system for blind people for example; © Dirk Michalski

Accessibility benefits everyone

Photo: Nadine Lormis; Copyright: B. Frommann

© B. Frommann