"My disability provides new artistic prospects for me"

Interview with Markus Georg Reintgen, Art Photographer

Photography plays a pivotal role in the life of artist Markus Georg Reintgen. He has been in a wheelchair since an accident. Yet this does not prevent him from thoroughly observing and capturing his surroundings. In search of new motifs, the art photographer travels the world.


Photo: Markus Georg Reintgen

Markus Georg Reintgen; © markus georg reintgen

Photo: beach with a wooden barrier at Utah Beach (France)

Work "longest day (utah beach)" from 2007: Wheelchair tracks can be seen in the sand of Utah Beach (France); © markus georg reintgen

Photo: airplane in green and red - in front of it: red people

Work "back in black" from 2008: Some of the images are finished with Photoshop to make contrasts more intense; © markus georg reintgen

Foto: Melanie Günther; Copyright: B. Frommann

© B. Fromman