We asked... Simon Janatzek, Certified Teacher at the Office for Accessible Education in Herne (German: Büro für Barrierefreie Bildung)

If you buy them, some smartphones are already accessible

A quick check on your smartphone to see when the next bus leaves or quickly letting your friend know via WhatsApp that you are running late: those are very mundane situations for many people. Yet how accessible are smartphones actually for visually impaired and blind people? spoke with Simon Janatzek. He is visually impaired and tells us which apps are helpful in everyday life.


Photo: Simon Janatzek

Simon Janatzek; © private

Photo: Simon Janatzek talks about accessible smartphones

Simon Janatzek explains how blind and visually impaired people can handle accessible smartphones; © beta-web/Günther

Photo: Lorraine Dindas

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