Photo gallery: Always on the move - the Sports Center at REHACARE 2017

Photo: Two soccer players in an one-and-one battle; Copyright: beta-web/Hofmann
The number one sport of the Germans could not be missed at REHACARE 2017: The Soccer Division of the Rehabilitation and Sports Association of People with Disabilities in North-Rhine Westphalia (BRSNW) met on stage for a small show match.
Photo: A woman in a wheelchair tries her hand at boccia; Copyright: beta-web/Hofmann
Right next to the bowling alley was a boccia course. Some visitors tried it out for themselves and really enjoyed it.
Photo: This para-ice-hockey-dummy is called Hotte; Copyright: beta-web/Hofmann
The ultimate sport - as the flyer promises - can be seen in Hall 7a. If you want to put a few slices on the goal, you should have a good sense of balance. The roller sled brought along by the para-ice-hockey players will tip over quite quickly - just like its counterpart with blades.
Photo: A badminton player in a wheelchair; Copyright: beta-web/Hofmann
Not so fast, but still fast enough is badminton. Some of the rallies have already worked quite well for visitors at REHACARE.
Photo: Wheelchair-user at archery; Copyright: beta-web/Hofmann
Feel like Katniss Everdeen in "The Hunger Games" just once, is also possible in Hall 7a while trying archery.
Photo: Table tennis players; Copyright: beta-web/Hofmann
Whether non-disabled or disabled, the table tennis area enjoyed great popularity among young and old.
Photo: A man in a wheelchair drives up a ramp; Copyright: beta-web/Hofmann
Regardless of whether you drive up a ramp, backwards or around hats in a slalom, all visitors to the fair were allowed to compete in their skills on two wheels on the wheelchair course.
Photo: David Lebuser on a WCMX-ramp; Copyright: beta-web/Hofmann
David Lebuser is a well-known figure in the WCMX and can also be found at REHACARE. The "skatepark" is rather rudimentary, but for professionals like him this is enough to let off steam.
Photo: A wheelchair-user under the roof of hall 7a; Copyright: beta-web/Hofmann
The "High Ropes Course" was also very popular this year. The bravest of the visitors were pulled under the roof of the hall and for a few moments were allowed to watch the bustle in Hall 7a from the top - of course, professionally secured.
Photo: An assistance dog while work; Copyright: beta-web/Hofmann
On the stage of the Sports Center there were not only people who gave the visitors an insight into their active hobby. Filiz Erfurt was also there with her assistance dogs for people with disabilities and was helped by her four-legged helper not only to undress but also to hang up her clothes.