Photo gallery: From A to Z - Product variety at REHACARE 2017

Photo: Man with VR glasses in front of a screen; Copyright: beta-web/Hofmann
Tyromotion in Hall 6/A31 presents clever rehabilitation systems for the arm-shoulder area. For example, virtual reality glasses and a screen can be used to train everyday things such as hanging up laundry.
Photo: Various active wheelchair variants; Copyright: beta-web/Hofmann
The Hippocampe active wheelchair from Vipamat SARL in Hall 4/E57 is equipped for any terrain. Whether on the beach, during a marathon or with skis - the Hippocampe can do everything.
Photo: A woman helping a man up from a patient's reversible bed; Copyright: beta-web/Hofmann
With its TurnAid/ProWend patient turning system, the ato form company in Hall 4/B21 has not only focused on patients, but also on nursing staff.
Photo: Various hand prostheses; Copyright: beta-web/Hofmann
The e-NABLE Germany association is designing individual hand prostheses for children and adults from the 3D printer in Hall 4/G03. Patients are allowed to fully participate in the process and to choose the model and colour themselves, as well as to help with the assembly.
Photo: A woman and a man on a PowerBoard; Copyright: beta-web/Hofmann
There was a lot of fun at the Casada Deutschland GmbH stand in hall 6/A43. And those who tried out the PowerBoard 2.1 sometimes really got into a sweat.
Photo: A Ribcap headgear; Copyright: beta-web/Hofmann
RibCaps come from Belgium: protective helmets, which do not look like it and want to live up to a fashionable claim. They can be found in hall 6/E35 at Glomarket bvba.
Photo: The Avant, a multifunctional vehicle from Sodermanns; Copyright: beta-web/Hofmann
The Avant von Sodermanns attracts a lot of attention in Hall 6/C78. The multifunctional vehicle can be adapted to individual needs and is designed to make it easier for people with disabilities to participate in working life: whether as a lawnmower, snowplough or excavator - the vehicle is equipped for all applications.
Photo: Frank Nawrocki with the beactive e-walker; Copyright: beta-web/Hofmann
Moving around by electromobility: that's what beactive from the company BEMOTEC in Reutlingen offers. Obstacles are no longer a problem with the walker, so that people with reduced mobility can make even better progress.
Photo: The super-compact notepad for blind users Actilino; Copyright: beta-web/Hofmann
The Actilino displays information in braille, can be used as a notepad and calendar, plays music and connects to your home phone or laptop via Bluetooth. Although only 16 Braille keys are built in, the Help Tech GmbH reader (Hall 5/A05) recognises when the user has reached the end and displays the next line.
Photo: A man on the EasyStand Evolv Glider; Copyright: beta-web/Hofmann
The company moso Solutions presents the EasyStand Evolv Glider at its stand in Hall 4/D15. The exercise trainer has been developed for people who are affected by paraplegia, neurological diseases or cerebral palsy, for example.