Overview: 2020

Image: Graphic showing a house and several smart home based icons; Copyright: PantherMedia/pol_1978


January 2020: Smart and accessible living


In addition to structural issues, the question of digital accessibility is becoming an increasingly important topic. Problems such as the protection of privacy or questions of usability are not only occupying the manufacturers of smart home products, but also researchers in the field of Ambient Assisted Living. You can find out exactly what all this means in our Topic of the Month.
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Photo: Woman in an electric wheelchair talking to a young man with invisible disability; Copyright: Andi Weiland |

Andi Weiland |

February 2020: Empowerment at eye level – Peer Counseling


Whether personal budget, rehabilitation or supply of auxiliary means – many of these topics raise questions for people with different disabilities. It is therefore all the more important that they receive competent advice. This is why the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities also stipulates the right to Peer Counseling: affected persons advise affected persons.
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Photo: Empty chairs in an airport waiting hall, through the window you can see single planes on an empty airfield; Copyright: PantherMedia/maxoidos


April 2020: On hold – travel with a disability


Airplanes still stay on the ground and tourist travel is currently not possible worldwide due to the coronavirus pandemic. But people with and without disabilities hope to be able to travel safely again soon. Which accessible hotels and practical auxiliary means disabled travelers could expect then, you will get to know in our Topic of the Month April: On hold – travel with a disability.
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Photo: The Maracana Stadium during the opening ceremony of the 2016 Paralympics; Copyright: Andi Weiland |

Andi Weiland |

May 2020: Pandemic strikes Paralympics: How the Coronavirus affects the Para Sports World


Coronavirus has changed the world and brought life to a grinding halt. Read our Topic of the Month May to learn about the original plans of three athletes for 2020 and how it all changed and gain insights into the processes at Ottobock – one of the official supporters and sponsors of the Paralympic Games. The Coronavirus has also prompted many changes for this German prosthetics company.
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Photo: Boy during playful gait training in a rehabilitation clinic; Copyright: PantherMedia/olesiabilkei


June 2020: Crisis-proof?! Child and youth rehabilitation


Digitally and gamified or with the help of animals – there are various ways to motivate especially children and young people for rehabilitative measures. What role these play in everyday rehabilitation and how the industry is dealing with the current Corona pandemic, you can read in our Topic of the Month June: Crisis-proof?! Child and youth rehabilitation.
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Photo: A wheelchair user sits at her desk in the office and works on the computer; Copyright: Andi Weiland | Boehringer Ingelheim,

Andi Weiland | Boehringer Ingelheim,

July 2020: Overcoming hurdles: accessibility in the workplace


Digitization and the coronavirus are currently buzzwords that determine the labor market and have a lasting impact. How does this development affect the professional participation of people with disabilities? Can digitization – whether corona-conditioned or not – also bring about opportunities? Learn more in our current Topic of the Month July: Overcoming hurdles: accessibility in the workplace.
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Photo: Young woman in a wheelchair opens the driver's door of a car she wants to get into; Copyright: visitBerlin, Andi Weiland |

visitBerlin, Andi Weiland |

August 2020: Mobility: Self-determined and safe on the road


Safety first! This applies above all in road traffic and when handling your own vehicle. To ensure that theory and practice are as close as possible, there are more and more specific offers and aids for people with disabilities – such as driving safety training or training equipment for transfer to the car. Find out exactly what this means in our Topic of the Month August.
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Photo: Woman with mouth-nose protection mask disinfects a wheeled walker; Copyright: PantherMedia/Chai2523


September 2020: The assistive devices industry in times of Coronavirus


Serving customers primarily digitally and expanding the product range to meet the current demand – all this has been happening since the Corona pandemic among REHACARE exhibitors. How exactly companies are trying to make the best out of the crisis can be read in the current Topic of the Month September: The assistive devices industry in times of Coronavirus.
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Photo: Female nurse points her finger at the screen of the tablet she is holding in her hand; Copyright: PantherMedia/EdZbarzhyvetsky


October 2020: Care and rehabilitation: Focus on digitization


Whether in prevention or rehabilitation – digitization offers support for complex processes. While special software and apps, for example, can relieve nursing staff through time-saving and efficient work, digitally oriented research projects enable optimal management of multiple sclerosis. Find out more in our current Topic of the Month October: Care and rehabilitation: Focus on digitization.
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Photo: Close-up of a man in an electric wheelchair, a mouth and nose protector is attached to the control unit. In the background you can see the sea at sunset; Copyright: PantherMedia/grejak


December 2020: Annual review 2020: Auxiliary means industry proves staying power and creativity


Hygiene concepts, contact restrictions, rethinking – many companies have stumbled as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, and the travel and aids industry has also had a hard time. Nevertheless, the companies are not burying their heads in the sand. On the contrary: Corona has encouraged their creativity and shown that staying power in challenging situations pays off.
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