Photo: Two students make adjustments to the exoskeleton construction. Copyright: Christian Kielmann/TU Berlin

TU Berlin

Students build exoskeleton for paraplegics


Students at TU Berlin have developed an exoskeleton that enables people with paraplegia to walk and overcome obstacles. Their project, called RISE (Research and Innovation in Student Exoskeleton development), which will be competing in this year's CYBATHLON in October, promises greater mobility and independence.
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Photo: A collage of different pictures of people who are happy; Copyright: Ottobock


Brand evolution in medical technology: Ottobock as a human empowerment brand


The goal of connecting people with disabilities, boosting their visibility and giving them courage has been an integral part of Ottobock’s DNA for more than 100 years. The brand relaunch for the healthtech company based in Lower Saxony builds on this, to be fit for the future in which digital will be a growth driver.
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Image: The recumbent trike TRIGO UP E against white background; Copyright: HASE BIKES


E-trike with Easy Rider vibe: The new TRIGO UP E from HASE BIKES


The TRIGO UP E by HASE BIKES is a versatile recumbent trike designed for riders of all ages and physical conditions, offering easy access and stability with its low frame and delta trike configuration. It prioritizes rider comfort with adjustable features, and its powerful motor, ample storage options, and adaptability make it a great choice for various users and preferences.
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Photo: The 20 metre train drawing is unrolled. Around it stand a few people and at the beginning of the drawing stands Harvey with his mom; Copyright: Mencap


Harvey Price sets new Guinness World Record


Harvey Price, son of Katie Price, has set a Guinness World Record for creating a 20-meter-long drawing of a train during Mencap's Learning Disability Week. He proudly displayed the record next to his mother, challenging misconceptions about learning disabilities.
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Photo: Man driving through a park with GRAVIT CITY E; Copyright: HASE BIKES


Compact Cargo Bike for Urban Riders: The GRAVIT CITY E from HASE BIKES


Hase Bikes introduces the GRAVIT CITY E, a sporty and agile cargo bike that's easy to handle even without cargo. It offers versatile load-carrying options and compact storage capabilities, making it suitable for various uses and storage in small spaces.
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Image: The Baja® Raptor 2 4-Wheel in the color red against gray background; Copyright: Pride Mobility

Pride Mobility

Pride Mobility introduces the Baja® Raptor 2 4-Wheel


Pride Mobility has introduced the Baja® Raptor 2 4-Wheel, an innovative and stylish mobility device, expanding their range of products. It offers exceptional speed, comfort, and adaptivity with a focus on stability and safety, while also emphasizing user independence and choice in transportation.
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Image: Black device for monitoring arm movements; Copyright: KTU


AI-based system for monitoring arm movement after stroke


Researchers at Kaunas University of Technology have developed an AI-based system, including BiomacVR and BiomacEMG, aimed at aiding stroke victims' rehabilitation by monitoring arm movements through wearable technology. This technology benefits both patients and professionals, enabling precise exercise design and individualized treatment plans.
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Photo: collage of two images: Left: two little girls sitting in rompers by JOF. Right: a teenage girl poses in a romper suit from JOF; Copyright: JOF


Self-determined through everyday life: assistive devices for children and young people


Getting dressed, eating, getting around – what are normal everyday activities for many can sometimes be challenging for children and young people with disabilities and their guardians. Many companies therefore offer a wide variety of solutions to ensure that self-determination and well-being are accessible to all.
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Image: Three wheelchairs from Sunrise Medical on a yellow-gold background, with the lettering: mobility product award 2023; Copyright: Sunrise Medical

Sunrise Medical

Sunrise Medical Wins Four Mobility Product Awards


Sunrise Medical's mobility products have won awards in the 2023 Mobility Product Award program by Mobility Management. The competition was fierce, showcasing innovation in Complex Rehab Technology and mobility industries.
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Photo: Interior view of the first-generation Space Drive cockpit, which is located on the road and has various digital extras; Copyright: PARAVAN


25 years PARAVAN, 20 years Drive-by-Wire, 15 years wheelchair construction


Roland Arnold founded PARAVAN after learning about the challenges of accessibility and developed technical solutions for people with disabilities, including a drive-by-wire system for controlling cars. The company has continued to develop since then, expanding its product portfolio and working on innovative solutions for autonomous vehicles.
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Image: Woman wearing Ribcap head protection and smiling at the camera. On the right is written


Revolutionary head protection solution Ribcap


Ribcap is an innovative head protection solution that combines the comfort of a beanie with helmet-like safety. Its unique design offers style and protection, particularly benefiting those with medical conditions or sensitivities, and it holds value for occupational therapists seeking a safe and stylish headgear for patients in various settings.
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Image: Three power wheelchairs next to each other. On the right:

Pride Mobility

Jazzy® EVO 613Li and Jazzy® EVO 614HD from Pride Mobility earn awards


The two power wheelchairs Jazzy® EVO 613Li and Jazzy® EVO 614HD by Pride Mobility won 2023 Mobility Product Awards for their excellent performance. The Jazzy EVO 613Li offers a nimble ride with Mid-Wheel 6® tech, while the Jazzy EVO 614HD excels in strength and terrain versatility.
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Photo: The PARAVAN Hyundai STARIA in black color with extended electric wheelchair on an empty square under a blue sky; Copyright: PARAVAN


PARAVAN premiere Hyundai STARIA: Expressive design with plenty of space


The new PARAVAN Hyundai STARIA is a modern wheelchair-accessible multivan that can be customized and is available with various features such as a cassette lift, drive and steering system, and voice control. Thanks to a lowered vehicle floor, it offers spacious interior space for wheelchair and passengers.
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Image: a young man wearing a jacket and beanie sits in a FUSE R active wheelchair. In the background you can see snowy mountains of Switzerland; Copyright: MEYRA GmbH


FUSE R: Active wheelchair with rigid frame by MEYRA® and Rainer Küschall


In a groundbreaking partnership in wheelchair history, MEYRA® and Rainer Küschall, a Swiss wheelchair industry pioneer, have co-developed an active rigid frame wheelchair. The cutting-edge FUSE R marries Küschall's vast expertise with the pinnacle of MEYRA's recent research and development efforts.
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Photo: Zainab Al-Eqabi wears the Taleo Adjust prosthetic foot on the left, which allows her to wear high white shoes. She herself is sitting on a dark chair; Copyright: Ottobock SE & Co. KGaA

Ottobock SE & Co. KGaA

Height-adjustable prosthetic foot offers more flexibility


The medical technology company Ottobock has launched the height-adjustable Taleo Adjust prosthetic foot, which allows people with prosthetic legs to freely choose between different types of shoes. Thanks to feedback from users such as Zainab Al-Eqabi, the user-friendliness of the prosthetic foot has been improved.
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Photo: Man in electric wheelchair wearing wireless smart glass talking to another person whose back can be seen; Copyright: munevo GmbH

munevo GmbH

National Seating & Mobility becomes the first national provider in the US to supply munevo DRIVE technology


National Seating & Mobility (NSM), the largest provider of mobility solutions in North America, has partnered with munevo, Inc. to introduce the munevo DRIVE smart glass alternative drive control for power wheelchairs in the U.S., providing greater independence and freedom for power chair users through innovative technology.
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Image: Woman in yellow winter jacket sitting in Switch-It Vigo Head Drive; Copyright: Sunrise Medical

Sunrise Medical

SWITCH-IT Vigo Head Drive named Scandinavian Health & Rehab Messe's 2023 New Product of the Year


Sunrise Medical Group won the "New Product of the Year" award at the Scandinavian Health & Rehab Messe 2023 in Denmark for their Switch-It Vigo Head Drive. The innovative device impressed judges with its sleek design, practical functionality, and the potential for further development.
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Image: The rigid frame wheelchair FUSE R in front of a mountain panorama; Copyright: MEYRA GmbH


MEYRA and Rainer Küschall developed FUSE R active rigid frame wheelchair


The FUSE R is an active wheelchair that combines the best features and developments from MEYRA GmbH and Rainer Küschall. In addition to a modern rigid frame, it offers individual adjustment of seat height and center of gravity via the seat module, various customization options and a wide range of colors.
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Photo: Man walking in a park with the support of the Torro Acero rollator; Copyright: Drive Medical GmbH & Co. KG

Drive Medical GmbH & Co. KG

Rollator Torro by Drive Medical is expanding


Drive Medical is expanding its series around the lightweight rollator Torro with the Torro Acero. Despite its low weight, this rollator can carry loads of up to 150 kilograms and can be used both indoors and outdoors. It also offers comfort thanks to its large and soft seats.
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Photo: Blonde woman in an electric vehicle wears the Exopulse Mollii Suit and drives across a rural environment To her right and left, one of her children on a scooter each; Copyright: Ottobock


"Superhero suit" gives hope to people with MS


The neuromodulation suit "Exopulse Mollii Suit" helps people with multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, stroke and other neurological disorders that cause similar symptoms. 58 electrodes stimulate individually affected muscle groups. This activates the muscles and reduces spasticity, which provides a reduction in pain.
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Image: The Quickchange Adapter 4R11 against a white background; Copyright: Ottobock


Easier through everyday life – with the new Ottobock Quickchange Adapter


The company Ottobock has launched the Quickchange Adapter 4R11, which allows amputees to independently detach and reattach their prosthetic components from the prosthetic socket. The product was developed in close cooperation with users.
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Image: A man in the ergoflix LX foldable electric wheelchair sits outside with a woman and a picnic basket; Copyright: ergoflix


Folding electric wheelchairs by ergoflix: adding more joy to life with the right mobility solution


Autonomy instead of dependency, social inclusion instead of social isolation – that's the motto of ergoflix. Leveraging high levels of motivation and conviction, the medical equipment manufacturer is committed to making it easier to access smart and aesthetic mobility equipment. The company developed a series of foldable electric wheelchair models that promote an active and flexible lifestyle.
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Photo: a left hand with a pink orthosis unlocks a door; Copyright: rahm Zentrum für Gesundheit GmbH

rahm Zentrum für Gesundheit GmbH

3D printing in orthopedics


3D printing has become an indispensable tool in many areas, including the assistive technology industry and patient care. Ever-better printers and customization options for articulated support splints or prosthetic devices benefit both care providers and users.
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Photo: Sad looking old man sitting in armchair leaning on his walking stick; Copyright: envato/LightFieldStudios


Living with dementia: practical tools make daily living easier


Forgetfulness is often one of the first recognizable signs of dementia. In its early stages, the condition initially affects short-term memory and gradually progresses to more long-term memory loss. Yet there are many accompanying symptoms that make daily living for people with dementia challenging.
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Image: A young girl straightens up in the electric children's wheelchair to reach a glass of juice on a higher counter; Copyright: PARAVAN


Children's wheelchairs by PARAVAN: independent standing, lying, sitting and tilting


At the rehaKIND congress, PARAVAN presents the versatile wheelchair portfolio of the PR series for children with a seat concept that grows with the child. There is a wide range of possible uses. With the adaptable power wheelchairs, children are in the middle of the action and not just there.
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Image: The soon-to-be-released Revolve Air wheelchair – once in folded and once in unfolded state; Copyright: Andrea Mocellin

Andrea Mocellin

Accessible traveling: foldable wheelchair by Revolve Mobility


How can traveling become more accessible and more self-determined for wheelchair users – especially when traveling by plane or taking a cab? This is the question Andrea Mocellin wanted to address when he started inventing Revolve Air. His solution: a wheelchair with foldable wheels and a foldable frame.
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Image: The new Genny model is shrouded by a dark cloth. Only the silhouette shines through slightly; Copyright: Genny Mobility

Genny Mobility

Genny’s self-balancing and two wheeled wheelchair gets an upgrade – revealed at REHACARE 2022


Inspired by the self-balancing Segway, Genny Mobility developed a wheelchair equivalent. What started as a newbie on the mobility aids market, now is ready for its third generation. The new wheelchair will be revealed in two weeks at this year’s REHACARE. Francesca Belotti allows for a little glimpse into what we can expect.
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Image: Shower stool. Right: Entire shower stool in a shower with a stream of water splashing on it. Left: Cutouts of the white seat; Copyright: Drive Medical GmbH & Co. KG

Shower stools, chairs and folding seats from Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare


Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare offers a wide range of shower stools, chairs and folding seats. Shower chairs are all equipped with backrests and usually with armrests. Another space-saving shower companion can be mounted on the wall and easily fold up and down. In this way, the company wants to provide comfort and stability.
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Image: Recumbent bike with the new black Vario Comfort seat cover; Copyright: HASE BIKES

New Accessory for HASE BIKES PINO and Trikes: Adjustable Seat Cover for Ergonomic Cycling


The Vario Comfort seat cover from HASE BIKES promises support for recumbent cycling through variably adjustable padding and is reliably attached to the seat frame with velcro straps. Wedge cushions ensure a good fit and can be attached at six different sites.
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Image: The LEPUS E from HASE BIKES with three wheels and a black seat; Copyright: HASE BIKES

New LEPUS E from HASE BIKES: Comfort Trike with Electric Start Assist


The LEPUS E from HASE BIKES is ideal for people with leg-strength issues. It features a start-assist function, that gets the wheels rolling without pedaling and accelerates the trike to 6 km/h (4 mph). Besides this start assist with motor power it offers a delta trike with full suspension and accessories for every need and purpose.
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Photo: a person helps another person wearing an exoskeleton; Copyright: Ekso Bionics Europe GmbH

Ekso Bionics Europe GmbH

Exoskeletons in rehabilitation


A stroke or an accident are life-changing events since many survivors experience limitations of mobility. Not all patients regain full mobility with subsequent rehabilitation. Some physical restrictions may persist, making adaptive equipment and assistive technologies necessary. Exoskeleton use in rehabilitation shows promise for better treatment results.
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Photo: Alain Zanchetta smiling at the camera; Copyright: Alain Zanchetta

Alain Zanchetta

Alain Zanchetta – That's how he rolls


Alain Zanchetta is a fighter. He would have to overcome difficulties early on, but he has gained a lot of strength and confidence as a result. As a designer, he develops inclusive design products himself to help other people. At the same time, his job offers him the security and perspective he craves. At he tells us how he rolls otherwise.
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Photo: Man sitting in a wheelchair to which the Empulse StreetJet traction device is attached. In the background: a mountain landscape; Copyright: Sunrise Medical

Sunrise Medical

Ready to go in a flash: the new Empulse StreetJet traction device


The new Empulse StreetJet traction device from Sunrise Medical features a patented "One Touch" docking mechanism, various pneumatic tire options and other advanced solutions to promote effortless progress for wheelchair users.
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Photo: The QUICKIE Nitrum wheelchair on the right. On the left is the inscription reddot winner 2022; Copyright: Sunrise Medical

Sunrise Medical

QUICKIE Nitrum wins Red Dot Award


After other numerous awards the QUICKIE Nitrum® from Sunrise Medical has received the Red Dot Award for Product Design 2022 from Germany. The company also unveiled new tools with the launch of QUICKIE Nitrum, including the highly innovative 3D visualizer and the illustration tool with augmented reality technology.
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Photo: a white-haired gentleman fashionably dressed in ocher tones in a wheelchair. Behind him is someone, also in ocher tones, with his hands on the wheelchair; Copyright: PantherMedia / HayDmitriy

PantherMedia / HayDmitriy

Adaptive clothing: designed to fit


Clothes should fit comfortably. They should make you feel great and be easy to put on and take off. Unfortunately, many "off-the-rack" clothes don’t meet these criteria. Those who don’t sport the measurements of the average woman or man find themselves at a distinct disadvantage. This includes people who use wheelchairs and people with restricted mobility.
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Photo: A very fashionably-elegantly dressed wheelchair user at a harbor, with a Ferris wheel and boats behind her; Copyright: Pandhora S.r.l.

Pandhora S.r.l.

Light weight, beautifully styled and ergonomic – wheelchair design continues to evolve


When you think of a wheelchair, you don’t necessarily consider it a high-tech assistive technology that is super trendy. In the past, the device was also heavy, over-sized, and difficult to transport. All that has changed, thanks to both innovative startups and well-known industry giants.
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Photo: a young woman and a young man at an evening event, talking animatedly. He is wearing a hearing aid behind his ear; Copyright: Friedrichstadt-Palast; Andi Weiland |

Friedrichstadt-Palast; Andi Weiland |

Small, smart, connected: hearing solutions and smart home applications


The latest communication technology trends also affect hearing systems: These tiny hearing amplifiers are getting smarter and can sometimes be connected to other systems. recaps the latest trends in hearing aid technology, explains the present limitations and explores other applications for the deaf and hard of hearing community.
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Photo: 4Front 2 wheelchair with raspberry painted elements; Copyright: Quantum Rehab

Quantum Rehab

Wish fulfilled: New 4Front wheelchair from Quantum


Consumers, ATPs and clinicians asked for some improvements to the 4Front® and Quantum Rehab listened. So they launched the 4Front 2 with the new Smart Traction Control (STC), which, along with Smooth Ride Suspension (SRS), provides stability for smooth obstacle transitions and unmatched driving performance.
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Photo: Two women wear transparent masks so that all their facial expressions can be seen and communication is made easier for people with a hearing impairment; Copyright: iuvas medical GmbH

iuvas medical GmbH

Better swallowing and understanding: Sophisticated aids from the field of speech therapy


Some aids may play a minor role in life, but they make everyday life much easier. These include products from iuvas medical: on the one hand, the transparent mask miama, which makes communication in the pandemic clearer. On the other hand, the sippa drinking aid, in which the contents are kept constantly at the top by a membrane so that people with dysphagia can swallow more easily.
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Photo: young girl with glasses smiling at the camera; beside her is her LIFEpad - a tabletbased speech recognition software; Copyright: LIFEtool


Computer-aided communication: assistive technology promotes participation


Whether it is voice recognition with or without eye tracking technology, educational or speech recognition software – assistive technology builds bridges that allow people to get in touch with their surroundings.
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Photo: Quokka bag on a wheelchair; Copyright: Quokka


Functionality included: accessories for people with disabilities


Sometimes an outfit is just an outfit – perhaps it’s not terribly exciting or unique, but it does the job. But expressing your individuality from time to time never hurt anyone. How do you showcase your personal style? With the right accessories: a scarf, a belt, or a matching bag. took a closer look at companies that accommodate the specific needs of people with disabilities.
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Photo: Three women with drinks in a Cafe; Copyright: PantherMedia/Sergiy Tryapitsyn

PantherMedia/Sergiy Tryapitsyn

Incontinence: Effective management with the right aid and consultation service


Incontinence comes with a list of misconceptions. Yet it is quite common and should not be a taboo subject. Incontinence affects many people: besides older adults, this includes pregnant women, people who are paralyzed or children. How do you manage incontinence and self-catheterization if you are affected and what are available product options and consultation services?
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Photo collage: The turkish wheelchair basketball players Cem Gezinci, Ozgur Gurbulak and the tennis player Ugur Altinel; Copyright: ExtraWheelchairs


EXTRA: Made to measure sports wheelchair for a better performance


Solid and adapted – this is how auxiliary means for competitive sports such as wheelchair basketball should be. That's why EXTRA wheelchairs from Turkey offers made to measure sports wheelchairs to professional sports people. talked to Demirhan Serefhan, Managing Director of EXTRA, about the importance of customization and valuable feedback directly from the basketball court.
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Photo: The TiPY keyboard for one hand; Copyright: Drory Handels GmbH

Drory Handels GmbH

"TiPY is designed to accomplish the same things with one hand as you can with a standard two-handed keyboard"


Microsoft has led the way and launched an adaptive controller to enable people with physical disabilities to have nearly the same complete gaming experience as people without disabilities. Mattheaus Drory achieved a similar result. In this interview with, he admits that he initially didn’t necessarily have people with disabilities in mind when he developed his one-handed keyboard.
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