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Highlights of REHACARE 2019

Sport for all: Active at the Sports Centre

Stay informed: Expert forums at REHACARE

Photo: Green foam thumb with the inscription "REHACARE International" in the entrance area north; Copyright: beta-web | Hofmann

Top topics of REHACARE 2019

Photo: Anouk Kapfer in the wedding wheelchair by Wolturnus; Copyright: Lukas Kapfer | beta-web
A wheelchair to fall in love with...for the most beautiful day in your life

The wedding is known to be the most beautiful day in the life of a couple. For Lukas and Anouk Kapfer this day was even a surprise: Wolturnus GmbH gave the surprised couple a specially designed wheelchair on the occasion of their wedding.

Technically, the chair meets the same requirements as the series products of the Danish manufacturer, but the design is according to the occasion. It has a special coating and is adapted for sweeping dresses so that the wedding dress cannot get caught in the wheels. Anouk Kapfer would marry again at any time in the wheelchair that Wolturnus provided for her for this day.

If you want to use the wheelchair for your wedding ceremony, you can rent it now for 300€. But first you can admire the model to fall in love with at REHACARE, in hall 4/D34.

Photo: Conny Rippe at her "working space" with a braille line at her Laptop; Copyright: beta-web/Schlüter
M-Enabling Forum: For more different perspectives - Inclusion in working life

After last year's successful premiere at REHACARE, the M-Enabling Forum is now back in the CCD South. This year's theme is the inclusion of people with disabilities in the labour market and the associated potential that could be exploited.

Conny Rippe can only confirm that the cooperation of people with and without disabilities can be very beneficial. She works with the organizer of the forum, E.J. Krause & Associates, and is blind. Although inclusion is highly traded, the topic is not actually present - neither in the society nor in the industry or with employers. At any rate, their colleagues have been developing a sense of what "everyday problems" blind people have since they started working with Rippe. But both the project assistant for the M-Enabling Forum and her colleagues have now learned how to help each other and benefit from the different points of view that working together brings with it.

If you want more insight: In Hall 6/E11 or in the foyer of the CCD South you can inform yourself about the M-Enabling Forum and the topic of inclusion in working life as well as the latest technical devices.

Photo: Norbert Schindel von der AfB GmbH (links) und Wolfram Diener nach der Unterzeichnung des Kooperations-Vertrages.; Copyright: beta-web/Schlueter
Sustainability and inclusion: Cooperation between AfB and Messe Düsseldorf

As soon as REHACARE has opened its doors, one highlight chases the other. And what could be more appropriate for a festive start than the beginning of a promising cooperation between two prestigious companies?

AfB GmbH collects, recycles and markets old technical equipment of large companies – and from now on also for Messe Düsseldorf. And: Almost 50 percent of the AfB employees live with a disability. The contract was signed on Wednesday at TREFFPUNKT REHACARE.

Photo: Peter Lammer in the Standing and Moving Aid Standing ovation at REHACARE 2019; Copyright: beta-web/Schlüter
Self-determined working: Standing ovations for life
About ten years ago Peter Lammer had a serious motorcycle accident. His injuries led to an eighty percent disability of his legs, which pushed him to his mental limits. Under the circumstances, he could no longer work as a chef. But giving up was no option for Lammer and so, together with his friend Bernhard Tichy, he developed a unique solution: Standing Ovation. The rail system with a bracket and a seat lifting unit today allows him to return to his profession, cook for his family and thus pursue his passion. For him a pure recovery of his joie de vivre. Have you become curious? You can have a look at the system in Hall 6/E25.
Photo: The award winners with cheques; Copyright: Axel Kohring/Beautiful Sports
Disabled Sports Club of the Year 2019 awarded at REHACARE
The REHACARE Wednesday ended with a highlight: In the Sports Center in Hall 7a, the BRSNW presented the award "Disabled Sports Club of the Year 2019". The award recognizes commitment to diversity, a welcome culture, youth work, accessibility and mobility. The picture shows (from left to right): Ulrike Plitt, Deputy Chairwoman of the BRSNW, Andrea Milz, State Secretary for Sport and Honorary Office of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, and representatives of the swimming club Wiking Herne 1921 e.V. (2nd place) and WMTV Solingen 1861 e.V. (1st place).
Photo: The Trets bike for children by Hasebikes; Copyright: beta-web/Schlüter
As nimble as a rabbit with the new children's trike from Hase Bikes
Great driving pleasure and optimum protection: This is "Trets", the new children's trike from Hase Bikes. And of course this must not be missing at REHACARE 2019! The children's trike impresses with a modern look and its adaptability to the respective pilot. Thanks to its easily adjustable frame, a low entry and numerous extras, even the smallest pilot will feel comfortable and great. The Trets can be seen at the stand of Hase Bikes in Hall 4/G61.
Photo: The Rollz rollator for patients with Parkinson; Copyright: beta-web/Schlüter
The rollator that sets the tone
Would you mind? Rollz – the rollator for Parkinson's patients. Three different stimuli encourage you to continue after freezing. A laser line on the floor, a metronome with two tones and a vibration in the handles help the patients to get out of the freezing. The running speed can also be controlled. The Rollz functions can be controlled with the corresponding app. Vibration and sound intensity, pitch and pattern duration of the stimuli can be set via the smartphone. Would you like to take a closer look at Rollz and all its features? Then let's go to Hall 6/C38!
Photo: Andrea Schütt in her Wacken wheelchair during her lecture at TREFFPUNKT REHACARE; Copyright: beta-web/Wackerbauer
Metalhead goes REHACARE: Andrea Schütt brings Wacken to Düsseldorf

Seven years ago she brought the festival to REHACARE for the first time: namely when she won our then competition "Pimp my wheelchair" – with her Wacken wheelchair. Nevertheless she discovered her passion for the W:O:A-Festival quite late. Only when it was official that the Scorpions would play at Wacken in 2012, she really wanted to go there. And since then she has been completely gripped by the festival fever! "At Wacken, 80,000 metalheads from 80 nations celebrate peacefully together – that's just great," enthuses Andrea Schütt.

This year she reported on her passion at the TREFFPUNKT REHACARE – in full festival style – and answered the audience's questions about an accessible festival experience. Afterwards she wanted to take a look around the halls – for auxiliary means for her everyday life and assistance systems such as home emergency call solutions. And REHACARE is exactly the right place for this: "If not here, then where?!"

Photo: Volker Westermann with his talk guests on stage at TREFFPUNKT REHACARE; Copyright: beta-web/Wackerbauer
Inclusion meets joie de vivre – Iris and Volker Westermann in talk with guests

In a relaxed atmosphere, Iris and Volker Westermann chatted with their guests about a self-determined life, inclusion and joie de vivre at the TREFFPUNKT REHACARE on Friday. The sporty Dunja Fuhrmann talked about her passion for climbing and about her politically motivated travel plans with the travel group "Niemand" (English: Nobody). For Kathy Schwack, travelling also means pure joie de vivre – especially on cruise ships. With enough travel pleasure in your luggage, you can also enjoy the pleasure of taking an elevator up to the Acropolis. By the way, the next stop for Schwack will be: Australia!

With animal company Sofia Plich also enriched the talk round and talked first of her quite isolated childhood, in order to report then however from her still much more self-determined present. "My dog, singing and acting – yes, I love being in this world," she summarized. Also for Miriam Langhoff acting is part of her life – but in the theatre. For her this is the perfect balance to her job. Her disability doesn't play a big role in her theatre group – together possible barriers can be overcome quickly. And the feedback from the audience always proves her right – no matter whether her role has an explicit impairment or not.

Like everyone else present, Birgit Kallwitz loves life and introduced herself not only as a political activist, but also as a passionate cocktail drinker. Inclusion for her means "to join in and – like Raul Krauthausen – to block the path of politicians".

While in political dimensions the tempers often boil up, Volker Westermann prefers to relax while cooking together with his friends. For the joint project "Crazy about the stove", his friend since childhood, Joachim Schmitt, looks over his shoulder with his camera. But it is not only their passion for cooking that has been uniting them for 33 years, now. Volker Westermann sums up: "We are a good example of inclusion in action. We lived this before the term even existed."

Photo: Robot arm holds a small white car; Copyright: beta-web/Schlüter
Active professional participation through digital assistance systems
Working 4.0 is the topic that occupies most people. On the one hand, the increasing use of technology is seen as a threat to jobs, on the other hand, digital assistance systems in particular also offer opportunities. Such as a human-robot cooperation, which can be found and tested in the theme park Work and inclusion in Hall 6 at the Technical Advisory Service of the LVR and LWL Integration Offices. A robot arm supports the assembly of a workpiece and thus enables individual help for employees with disabilities. There are also two other digital assistance systems to try out. So maybe you wanna stop by.

Theme park: Self-determination at work

Auxiliary means: individual and effective

Until next year at REHACARE!
Exciting, colorful, inclusive, super - that was REHACARE 2019! The online sign language school manimundo and our editorial team wish you a relaxed weekend. See you next year!
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Wheelchair control via Smartglasses
With munevo DRIVE, the wheelchair can be controlled via Smartglasses. This helps people with limited mobility to achieve greater self-determination and independence. You can find out how this works in Hall 6/E51!
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ichó activates joy of life
ichó is not just a ball. It is intelligent. When it is shaken, thrown or pressed, it reacts. Light, vibration and sounds especially please people with cognitive disorders. Find out more about the many other applications in Hall 7/A15.
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Innovations at REHACARE 2019
What's the news? The concentrated load of new products that are being exhibited this year at REHACARE can be marvelled at in Hall 7!
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Learning to calculate in a playful way
SumBlox – these are numbers from 0 to 9 made of wood. Each building block is as high as the number it stands for. This makes learning to calculate child's play. They offer children with dyscalculia a more concrete access to mathematics. So let‘s go in Hall 4/H02!
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Short break in virtual reality
A fair is exciting, but also often hectic and tiring. A few minutes of relaxation can work wonders. Do you also long for a short break in another world? Then stop by at brainLight in Hall 7/A12!
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Relax with Traumschwinger by Mira Art
Being held, cosiness, comfort – the Traumschwinger from Mira Art relieve joints, body and soul. Do you also need a little relaxation? In hall 6/D43 you can swing a bit!
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Steering a wheelchair – with your eyes
Wheelchair driving with your eyes? Yes, it is possible! Blink, look to the right or left - this is how you tell the electric wheelchair where to go, even the sitting position can be adjusted very comfortably. And the MyEcc Pupil wheelchair can do something else: operate robot arms. Discover MyEcc wheelchair in Hall 5/B03!
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Highlights of REHACARE 2019
On this page you can find impressions from the trade fair halls – in form of videos and photos.
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Comfort for all occasions
Sitting, lying, sprawling – whichever way you want to relax, REHACARE 2019 has the right furniture for everyone.
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Loving caresses at REHACARE 2019
They look, sound and feel like real animals: Nenko's interactive cats. They have been specially developed for people in need of care to give them a feeling of peace and security.
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Welcome to REHACARE 2019
Come quickly to REHACARE in Düsseldorf! The visitors are flocking in, the exhibition halls are filling up. You'll find lots of interesting products here. Expect exciting lectures as well.
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Photo: cool sliding boards for wheelchairuser; Copyright: beta-web/Schlüter
My style, my thing, my wood. These sliding boards are not only functional, but also look pretty chic. You can admire the wooden aids for wheelchair users in five great designs in Hall 4/C50
Photo: Wheelchair user with the WheelAirsystem; Copyright: beta-web/Schlüter
Overheating, excessive sweating and the microclimate - no longer a problem with WheelAir (hall 6/A05). The air conditioning system for wheelchair user protects against both excessive sweating and overheating, thus preserving the natural climate of the skin and also protects against pressure points.
Photo: The earis headphones; Copyright: beta-web/Schlüter
The innovative headphones "earis" from Humantechnik are equipped with a microphone function so that the environment can be heard as well as the TV or the music. Sounds exciting? Then take a look for yourself – in Hall 5/E01.
Photo: Pepper the caring robot; Copyright: beta-web/Schlüter
Have you met Pepper? The humanoid robot can help people with dementia in particular to take part in activities such as singing or physical activity. If you'd like to find out more, take a look at EL4 in Hall 6/E09!
Photo: A self-balancing electronic wheelchair; Copyright: beta-web/Heiduk
Electric wheelchair meets Segway – the Freee F2 is a self-balancing electronic wheelchair. Freee Mobility GmbH has thus created a safe and ergonomic vehicle that can also be operated intuitively. The Freee F2 can be admired in Hall 6/A62!
Photo: swallowing  game by HASOMED; Copyright: beta-web/Schlüter
HASOMED developed a program for neurological rehabilitation. With the program muscles and resistance are measured while the patient is swallowing. If the patient is successful a duck goes up on the display. Long-term measurements are possible too. If you would like to let a duck fly check out hall 4 / G41.
Photo: The new Forum PRODUCTS & NEWS @REHACARE; Copyright: beta-web/Lormis
Additional knowledge and glimpses behind the scenes – that's what the new forum PRODUCTS & NEWS @REHACARE (powered by MOBITIPP) offers. On all four days of the fair, exhibitors will present exciting products and give interesting insights. The Forum can be found in Hall 4/H21.
Photo: SmartGlasses GlassOuse; Copyright: beta-web/Heiduk
Whether with the mouth, the foot or the shoulder – put on like glasses, the GlassOuse assistance device offers people with disabilities the opportunity to write texts and surf internet. The Wearable Hybrid Mouse enables clicks via Switch Controls systems that are connected via Bluetooth. Would you like to discover the different variants of the hybrid mouse or try them out for yourself? Then visit Hall 6/A73.
Photo: Two men in pink aprons at the booth of Hollister with a pink catheter; Copyright: beta-web/Koller
The Hollister booth at REHACARE catches the eye. The new Infyna Chic product, a shiny pink disposable catheter, determines the design and colour of the whole booth. Specially developed for women, the catheter almost looks like a fashion accessory, is inconspicuous and easy to use. You can have a look at the discrete design highlight in Hall 5/C21.
Photo: Platinum Curve Stairlift; Copyright: beta-web/Heiduk
The Platinum Curved Lift is handcrafted and exactly adapted to each staircase and the height and needs of the customer. The stairlift promises a quiet, smooth and reliable ride. This new feeling of independence can be found in Hall 6/D57.
Photo: Smart Board by Neofect; Copyright: beta-web/Schlüter
Rapael Smart Board is a digital therapy system from Neofect. Exercises with the smart board, like table tennis improve movability while collecting data. Patients can see their improvements and expand their moving distance to the utmost at the same time. Curious? Then take a look at hall 4 / G29.
Photo: All-Road wheelchair by BECASINE DPJ Sprl; Copyright: beta-web/Schlüter
All-Road wheelchair is not a product but an activity. For moving the wheelchair family or friends are necessary. But once you have that, there are no limits or boundaries and you can move all over the world. Want to try it out with your family or friends? Come to hall 4 / E46.
Photo: Trade fair booth of Loopwheels; Copyright: beta-web/Heiduk
Whether on sand, stone, paving stone or grass – wheels from Loopwheels reduce resistance, no matter where wheelchair users are. Pain and fatigue are reduced. The ride is smooth and comfortable. The innovative and modern design makes the wheels look original. Curious? Discover the wheels in hall 6/A05.
Photo: quokka mobility bag; Copyright: beta-web/Schlüter
They are suitable for every rollator, wheelchair or scooter: the cup holders from QUOKKA. You can find them in Hall 4/F47!
Photo: Sports wheelchair by Roma Medical Aids; Copyright: beta-web/Schlüter
The sports wheelchair developed for badminton by Roma Medical Aids Ltd. has an extremely light magnesium frame, is specially designed for movement patterns in badminton and is longer and more flexible than conventional wheelchairs, making it ideal for stretching movements. You will find it in Hall 4/E47.
Photo: The booth of manimundo Sign Language app; Copyright: beta-web/Schlüter
Learning sign language online? You can do that with manimundo. The 3,000 videos are interactive as well as didactically and methodically up to date. Managing Director Rainer Retzlik and Communication and Work Assistant Pia Löbbert are looking forward to your visit in Hall 5/F02.
Photo: The Humantechnik eye control system for iPad; Copyright: beta-web/Schlüter
Humanelektronik brings a world first to REHACARE: eye control for the iPad. As soon as a mouse is connected, the surface can be operated with the eyes. You can find out exactly how this works in Hall 5/C07.
Photo: The AssistX Mobil system for intensive care; Copyright: beta-web/Schlüter
"AssistX Mobil" is an assistive call system for intensive care. It is radio-based and its greater range makes it ideal for facilities with many patients. The system can be found at the CSS MicroSystems booth in Hall 5/C10.
Photo: The tremor filter mouse by Talk Tools; Copyright: beta-web/Schlüter
Talk Tools brought something to REHACARE this year that many of its customers already wanted. The tremor filter for the PC mouse detects hands trembling, filters it out and makes it easier for people with Parkinson's disease, spasticity or age trembling to work on the PC. Try it out – in Hall 5/C15.
Photo: Komfy seniors mobile by Kymco; Copyright: beta-web/Schlüter
Komfy is a vehicle for seniors. It is not only suitable for elevators, but also cuts a fine figure in other situations. Take a look at what Kymco has to offer in Hall 5/C28!
Photo: Rollator in Oktoberfest design at the Saljol booth; Copyright: beta-web/Schlüter
Feeling good instead of being stigmatized – this is what Saljol promises its customers with its unique rollators. So off you go with the rollator to the Wiesn – and first in Hall 6/B49.
Photo: the accessible easy gardening table; Copyright: beta-web/Schlüter
Thomas Pannell actually developed this table for his father, who loves gardening passionately but sits in a wheelchair. The result was a product that has already found its way into many old people's homes. You can find it in Hall 6/D69.
Photo: The Eurobike by Van Raam; Copyright: beta-web/Schlüter
In 2009 they won the Gold Award at the Eurobike – in 2019 Van Raam present their vehicle with a lowerable step. They have thus succeeded in creating a product for people with disabilities that is in no way inferior to a conventional product in terms of design. You can see for yourself in Hall 6/A58.
Photo: HRZ Dream mobilehome; Copyright: beta-web/Schlüter
At HRZ Reisemobile GmbH (hall 6, stand 6C65) you can find the HRZ Dream. It is the only camper that wheelchairusers are allowed to handle merely with a license for cars. Where would you like to go with it?
Photo: A hand holding a controller to play a game on a laptop screen; Copyright: beta-web/Schlüter
Playful rehabilitation training for the hand – that offers raccoon Recovery in hall 6/C33. Why a raccoon is the company's mascot? The animals have very good finger skills and that's exactly what the company from the Ukraine wants to make their patients possible again.
Photo: The RotoBed by Bjarne Skamriis; Copyright: beta-web/Koller
The beds from the Danish company RotoBed, which won the golden iF Desgn Award, look less like nursing beds than like stylish pieces of furniture. And yet: behind the clear and inconspicuous design is a sophisticated system that quickly transforms the bed into an armchair and vice versa. See for yourself in Hall 4/ D31.
Photo: A green thumb with REHACARE print on it, in the foreground of entrance north after trade fair end; Copyright: beta-web/Lormis
We're releasing you into late summer this year and hope you had fun at REHACARE 2019! Next year the fair gates will open for you from 23rd to 26th September. We hope to welcome you again to the biggest trade fair around the topic "self-determined living".