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International Long Covid and ME/CFS conference gathers momentum


The fight against Long Covid and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) gains momentum with the #UniteToFight2024 conference. This international, community-driven event, the first of its kind, has already attracted over 3,000 registrations worldwide in just two weeks.
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Photo: Man with the exoskeleton works in a warehouse with many boxes and crates, one of which he is carrying; Copyright: Ottobock SE & Co. KGaA

Ottobock SE & Co. KGaA

"SUITX by Ottobock" sets new standards in exoskeleton technology


On October 9, 2023, the IX BACK AIR exoskeleton from "SUITX by Ottobock" was introduced for use in the logistics industry, combining the benefits of both rigid and soft systems. The innovation is designed to significantly reduce the workload in logistics and increase efficiency.
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Image: Brown power lift chair with black remote control on it against white background; Copyright: Pride Mobility

Pride Mobility

Power lift chairs are for everyone


Power lift chairs from Pride Mobility offer increased mobility support at home with stylish and compact designs. They provide powerful lift functions, enhanced comfort, and luxury features like heated seats and massage functions, making them a game-changer for people with mobility disabilities or those recovering from injuries.
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Image: Images side by side as an advertisement for the film. Person with one leg under water (left), wheelchair user (center) and man jumping with a prosthetic leg; Copyright: Harder Than You Think

Harder Than You Think

Harder Than You Think and P&G Studios announce new film "Rising Phoenix: A New Revolution (w/t)"


Harder Than You Think (HTYT) and P&G Studios are collaborating to create a new documentary film, "Rising Phoenix: A New Revolution (w/t)," aimed at sparking a global conversation on disability equality. The film follows on from the success of the double Emmy Award winning film Rising Phoenix, released in 2020.
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Photo: Young woman in a wheelchair typing on a laptop standing on her lap; Copyright: PantherMedia/ufabizphoto


Coronavirus: How self-help groups and associations keep running in times of pandemic


Coronavirus-related restrictions, social distancing, and hygiene guidelines have permeated all sections of society for months. These strategies have also affected the work of the Federal Association of Self-Help Organizations for People with Disabilities and Chronic Diseases. We spoke to Dr. Martin Danner about the challenges of the past few months and the future of self-help settings.
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Photo: Young woman using her smartphone; Copyright: PantherMedia / Antonio Guillen Fernández

PantherMedia / Antonio Guillen Fernández

How Social Media connects people with invisible disabilities and a chronic illness


Visibility and sharing – these are just two reasons why people living with chronic illnesses and those with invisible disabilities engage on social networks. Using words, pictures, and hashtags, they talk about their lives, raise awareness and make their illness and symptoms tangible for others.
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Photo: Celebrity getting out of a limousine at the red carpet and being photographed by media representatives; Copyright: PantherMedia/Corepics


Rare, chronic, invisible: putting a face on disabilities and illnesses


Sooner or later might come a time when disabilities affect us personally. The probability of experiencing some form of physical impairment in our lives is actually quite high. Even stars, athletes or politicians are not immune to it. It helps "normal" mere mortals if they share their illness with a popular celebrity.
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