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Photo: A woman and a man doing aquatic exercise on a mat on the pool. In the background the trainer shows them the exercises; Copyright: Shvets Studio

Shvets Studio

Reducing barriers to aquatic exercise would benefit people with multiple sclerosis


Kessler Foundation Researchers conducted an online survey of 179 people with multiple sclerosis about their exercise activities from October 2020 to April 2021. The survey shows aquatic exercise preferred, finds pandemic-related decline in exercise activities.
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Photo: The new mobile shower commode standing in a bathroom; Copyright: Etac


Mobile shower commodes: Etac Clean with front-opened seat


In the new shower commode model of the company Etac, the seat can be opened to the front. It can be suitable for users who are able to reach more independently from the front, depending on their range of motion or personal preference.
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Photo: 3D-printed prototype of self-offloading insole showing the arrangement of array of arches top view and (b) side view; Copyright: Priyabrata Maharana, Jyoti Sonawane

Priyabrata Maharana, Jyoti Sonawane

Snapping footwear to help prevent diabetic foot complications


Researchers have developed a set of unique self-regulating footwear for people with diabetes. The footwear is 3D printed and can be customized to an individual's foot dimensions and walking style.
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Photo: Three men smile into the camera. Two (left) hold the

Barbara Lachner / WKW

Mercur Innovation Award: 1st place for new leg prosthesis Kenevo


The Vienna Chamber of Commerce honors Ottobock as the most innovative company with Mercur Innovation Award. The new version of the Kenevo leg prosthesis, developed by an Austrian team, provides more safety and self-confidence with new technology.
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Photo: Edmund Ödamer uses a lift system to get into the cab of his JOHN DEERE tractor; Copyright: PARAVAN GmbH


PARAVAN makes construction and agricultural machinery accessible


Thanks to PARAVAN retrofitting, Edmund Ödamer's most important work tool, the tractor, is now accessible. The cooperation between JOHN DEERE and PARAVAN is based on developing efficient mobility solutions so that people with physical impairments can be efficiently and purposefully reintegrated into the primary labor market.
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