SmAccLab: Smart auxiliary means for everyone

We asked Professor Carsten Zahout-Heil, Director of Studies for the Reliability Engineering Distance Learning Work-Study Program (M.Eng.) at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences


Photo: Prof. Carsten Zahout-Heil; Copyright: Zahout-Heil

Prof. Carsten Zahout-Heil

Photo: Prototype of the sensor for a cane; Copyright: Zahout-Heil

This is the first prototype of the cane sensor. It scans the environment at two angles (up and down). Feedback to the user is provided by a wristband with two vibration motors.

Photo: Prototype for object recognition; Copyright: Zahout-Heil

The prototype for object recognition can be worn clipped to clothing, collar or belt. The small camera takes a picture at the push of a button and transmits the content of the picture via Bluetooth (e.g. "banana" or "cat in front of the window").

Photo: Nadine Lormis; Copyright: private
Photo: Hand holding microphone; Copyright: