"The DisAbility Talent Program connects employers and prospective employees with disabilities"

We asked Daniel Schörghofer, DisAbility talent manager, myAbility Social Enterprise GmbH


Photo: Daniel Schörghofer; Copyright: myAbility

Daniel Schörghofer

Photo: Student with a hearing impairment talking to two HR managers at myAbility Match Day; Copyright: myAbility/Stefan Ebersberger

Speed dating in a different way: During Match Day, students with disabilities or chronic illnesses get to know the personnel managers of the partner companies.

Photo: A human resources manager talks to a talent on Match Day; Copyright: myAbility/Stefan Ebersberger

The countdown is on: Students and recent college graduates with disabilities and chronic conditions have until March 3 to apply for the DisAbility Talent Program in Berlin.

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Who can apply and when is the deadline?

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