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Overview: Top topics of REHACARE 2019

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Photo: Woman with hand orthosis CARBONHAND pouring herself a drink; Copyright: beta-web

Smart mobility for arms and hands thanks to robotic systems


Grabbing things, eating and drinking on your own – no matter how well your own hand or arm is still able to function. EXXOMOVE® UG aims to make it a reality. The company’s BATEO assistive robotic arm and CARBONHAND hand orthosis promote self-determination and mobility of people who are impaired in their motor skills as the result of an accident or disability.
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Photo: David Hofer demonstrating the IntegraMouse at REHACARE 2019; Copyright: beta-web

IntegraMouse: Mouth-controlled device facilitates digital accessibility


Whether at work or at home – most of us cannot imagine living without a computer. But what happens if someone is unable to operate a keyboard and control a mouse with their hands because of a disability? The LIFEtool Solutions GmbH from Austria has developed a great solution – the IntegraMouse. We met up with CEO David Hofer at REHACARE 2019.
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Photo: A stylized human head with the OrCam MyEye on the glasses frame; Copyright: beta-web

OrCam MyEye: Promoting independence and participation with artificial intelligence


Reading texts, identifying products at the supermarket and even recognizing faces – the MyEye tool from OrCam can do just that and helps blind and visually impaired people feel more confident in everyday life. At REHACARE 2019, area sales manager Jennifer Kietzke showed us how the discreet, smart wearable assistive technology works.
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Photo: REHADAT’s associates Mareike Decker and Andrea Kurtenacker at REHACARE 2019; Copyright: beta-web

REHADAT: The vocational integration portal


If you are looking for information about disability and vocational integration including resources, support services or addresses in Germany, you can find it on REHADAT. It’s free, accessible and always updated. talked about the benefits of the central and unbiased information portal.
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