Aids for people with sensory disabilities

Photo: a man with dark hair and beard - Lionel Messi - smiles and holds the small OrCam in front of the camera; Copyright: OrCam

Lionel Messi and OrCam:
Enhancing self-determination

Aids for visually impaired and blind people

Photo: Person walking on the sidewalk with a long cane, focus on the aid; Copyright: Andi Weiland | Boehringer Ingelheim,

Europe: Inclusion with the help of assistive devices

Photo: Anja Winkler sits at her workplace in front of a monitor and operates a hyper-pin Braille plate system; Copyright: TU Dresden

"Breaking down mental barriers is more important than auxiliary aids"

Aids for hard of hearing and deaf people

Photo: A hand controlling smart home options on a tablet; Copyright: PantherMedia/aa-w

Safe smart living and aging in place

Photo: Display of the Smartwatch app with a notification of a car honk; Copyright: Jain et al./ASSETS 2020

Smartwatch app alerts d/Deaf and hard-of-hearing users to different sounds