Assistive technology for children with disabilities: Product variety promotes participation


Photo: Girl sitting on the floor with a dog. She wears the Exopulse Mollii Suit; Copyright: Ottobock

Ottobock presented the world's first suit for less spasticity at REHACARE 2022: the Exopulse Mollii Suit. It is available for both adults and children.

Image: A woman bends over a child that sits in the EasyStand Zing; Copyright: Motion Solutions GmbH

Motion Solutions GmbH EasyStand Zing standing system allows ergonomic and vertical standing for children from 50cm. The flowing movements activate muscles and position reflexes.

Safe transport of children thanks to rehab trolleys and trikes

Photo: A boy sits on a trike by HASE BIKES and a girl stands on it's back; Copyright: HASE BIKES

HASE BIKES produces, among other things, trikes that offer a better freedom of movement and locomotion to children with mobility impairments.