Exhibitor Conditions

Type of Booth

Price per sqm

Row Stand (1 side open)

€ 185.00/sqm

Corner Stand (2 sides open)

€ 193.00/sqm

End of Block Stand (3 sides open)

€ 199.00/sqm

Island Stand (4 sides open)

€ 204.00/sqm

Outdoor Section

€ 125.00/sqm

Sample Stand D1

Stand D1

€ 110.00/sqm

Sample Stand A1

Stand A1

€ 115.00/sqm

Sample Stand S3

Stand S3

€ 135.00/sqm

Sample Stand H2

Stand H2

€ 145.00/sqm

Media Package

€ 250.00

Co-Exhibitor Fee

€ 1,400.00

Waste disposal Fee

€ 2.70/sqm

Plan Exhibition Costs

Stand type / Square meters

Please enter the required stand area and the stand type.

Your participation fee

0 sqm x 0
0 €
Media Fee 250.00 € *
250.00 €
Technical Prepayment 25,00 €/sqm **
0 €
AUMA-Amount 0.60 €/sqm
0 €
Waste-disposal fee 2.70 €/sqm ***
0 €
Energy fee 6,00 €/sqm ****
0 €
Total sqm
0 €


* Media Fee

The media fee to be paid by each exhibitor is used for the publication of exhibitor data in the electronic media and possibly other media as well as the use of the event's website by the exhibitors. The contents of the media fee are specified in the OOS.

** Technical Prepayment

Exhibitors who did not participate in the last event will pay € 25.00/m² in advance. This will be settled after the event with the actual services ordered.

*** Waste-disposal fee

maximum € 1.350,00 for areas larger than 499 m²

**** Energy fee

The energy fee to be paid by every exhibitor is charged on top of the costs for electricity and other (technical) services to be borne by exhibitors for operating their exhibition stands and independent of consumption.

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