Computer-aided communication: assistive technology promotes participation


Photo: young girl with glasses smiling at the camer; beside her is her LIFEpad - a tablet based speech recognition system; Copyright: LIFEtool

It's never too late to start with UK. But it's easier when you're a child, of course. And it's also fun - as in the case of Hanna (pictured), who communicates using the GoTalk NOW app on her LIFEpad.

The right "tool" ensures more participation

Photo: the screen of Dominik testing the GoTalk NOW app via zoom connection under the supervision of a LIFEtool consultant.; Copyright: LIFEtool

Corona has also changed communication at LIFEtool. But via Zoom, the employees could still be there for their young and adult customers. For example, the screenshot shows Dominik using the GoTalk NOW application.

Increased awareness of computer-aided communication and its importance for users

Photo: Anne Hofmann; Copyright: private