Product development: Wheelchair technology on the move


Photo: Adam Bleakney and his wife holding hands while he sits in the ballbot wheelchair. Both smile happily at each other; Copyright: Abby Bobrow

Adam Bleakney is happy to finally hold hands with his wife while sitting in the hands-free ballbot wheelchair.

Image: Drawing in which a person in a wheelchair has one hand in his pants and is holding a cup with the other. There are notes in the margin; Copyright: Adam Bleakney

It all started with a drawing by Adam Bleakney. This idea was discussed in a broad-based team and the result was the PURE wheelchair.

Image: Drawing of a wheelchair with two wheels and a footrest. Some notes by Adam Bleakney on the sides. Copyright: Adam Bleakney

Creative work, technical work and cooperation went hand in hand in the PURE project to address the user needs that Bleakney wanted to emphasize.

This video shows Adam Bleakney and the PURE wheelchair in action:

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